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Mar 22, 2021

For someone highly experienced and of such good reputation, I expected a serious interview when I sat down the Philip Clyde-Smith. Instead, as this interview the professional film maker was able to talk me through his world in a playful and irreverent way. Phil values people skills highly, and those with a complete lack...

Mar 20, 2021

Becky Kinross is a Jersey based Videographer and editor who specialises in Wedding Videos. When we spoke on the podcast we talk about how wedding videos have changed and how it has become an attractive option for video creatives because it allows a certain artist freedom which other sectors don't allow.

Becky can be...

Mar 19, 2021

By day, Glenn works in a super market, but by night he slaves away in a factory amongst the cloud. We talk about the niche world of modded minecraft, broadcasting live to a modest audience of 'divs' and how choosing your platform not only effects your creative work but also your life.

PH0EN1XUK (@PH0EN1XUK) / Twitter

Mar 10, 2021

Agency life is tough these days. For creatives, artists or animators who just want to make good work; the need to work within the lines of the client brief can be restrictive and mind numbing, and that's before a budget has been decided.

So says, Liam Nunn. Creative lead in one of Jersey's leading marketing agencies,...

Mar 9, 2021

Will Jack Robinson from Submarine Creative is a talented of prolific DP based in Jersey but who works internationally. I was lucky to catch him for a quick interview, face to face (rather than over zoom) to talk about his passion for motion photography and lens, his career path via animation and the importance...