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Apr 23, 2021

Julie Daly-Wallman is a producer of feature films and television. She is passionate about Jersey being a central hub of creatives, business investment and a vertitle location to film in. In this in-depth interview we nail down what is involved, what is at stake and address the pitfalls of independent film production.

We talk about her time working with Roger Corman; the business lessons Julie learnt and the importance of good leadership. We also touch upon her 2001 feature film Crooked Mile which was filmed and financed in Jersey with the Irish Film Board and was successfully sold and screened all over the world.

Julie is currently in pre-production for another feature to be filmed in Jersey; Living with the Enemy, all about the Jersey Occupation 1940-1945.

Julie Daly-Wallman - IMDb
Living with the Enemy – Channel Islands Occupation Documentary
The Crooked Mile